Blockchain in gambling

The main advantage of blockchain is the transparency of all data. This helps to increase user confidence in the WEISS platform. Blockchain is the leading engine of change in the iGaming industry. All information entered into the blockchain cannot be deleted or altered. Thus, WEISS users can be confident in the honesty of all their results and a secure environment. The blockchain casino guarantees players full transparency, where all data on bets, platform income, and the number of participants are publicly available.

Regardless of years of operation, the iGaming industry still faces many challenges in terms of transparency between all parties involved:

  • Players receive bonuses with wagers and get cashback only once a week or once a month

  • Players can't rely on the platforms' honesty as casinos never share their revenues or the percentage of winnings in games

  • Players can't check betting history and its fairness

  • Game providers should constantly check casinos' activities

  • Affiliates who work closely with casinos to bring in more players can't be sure they're getting fair revenue because they can't verify all the deposits made by the players they bring in.

Blockchain can eradicate these issues due to its decentralized and secure nature.

WEISS is the blockchain casino that not only gives its users the opportunity to use cryptocurrencies as a payment method but also introduces the technology into many processes, integrating its token into exclusive offers.

Cryptography and decentralized technologies are the most proven ways to provide users with a fair gaming environment.

Gambling platforms continue to adhere to the old rules, offering only games to their users, without considering modern technologies that can significantly increase trust and scale the community.

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